Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Find Surprises at Your Library Treasure Hunt

In honor of "Find Surprises at Your Library,"our annual spring fundraiser, we are hosting a Library Treasure Hunt. The winner will receive an MRL gift pack (MRL bookstore certificate, notepad, magnet, flashlight, book bag, etc….) All entries must be received by May 26th; winner announced Thursday, May 30th. Entries will be received at the Reference Desk. Do you know where that is?

Download the following form, solve as many riddles as you can, and bring to the Reference Desk. Good luck!

1. I periodically explain events that occur above our earth:

2. In 2013 I was proclaimed the best of 2012, which made others Les Miserables.

3. Some sing for their supper; she sang for the Common Man.

4. In my own voice, I tell you what it was like to grow up in the heart of downtown Harrisonburg.

5. How can I get a book from the Denver Public Library?

6. Once upon a time I was called a comic; now, whether young adult or adults young at heart, I am called a _____________.

7. What and where is the Aladdin Rainbow?

8. The real Gabriel Garcia Marquez is still located here!

9. Que es Vanidades?

10. In a corner it seems we hide, yet we’re big enough for 10 people to use!

11. Thanks to the Foxes, we have our own den!

12. My materials rotate throughout the Libraries of Virginia, but I stand still.

13. The Constitution in brail, Notes on Surface Water in Virginia, maps 5 and 6 of the Appalachian Trail, plus many, many more tidbits are filed in me.

14. Incuse (in kyooz,-kyoozs’) adj., A, V. –cused, -cusing –adj. l. hammered or stamped in… p. 969

15. We’ve been "blogged" about before- me and Cupid, Aunt Lucy, Margaret, and the rest.

16. Need to take your GED or SAT? Want a little practice for the Occupation Exam? Use me; I’m free!

17. You have to go through our website, www.mrlib.org, and then I’ll Kindle your IPAD or put into Overdrive your Android or Nook.

18. One more from the store: you want to speak Pirate or Swahili, Yiddish or Vietnamese?

19. Where’s the Rockingham Register or the Page Courier, too? Who lived in Augusta or Albemarle in 1790?

20. So much more, but this will have to do. Take me to Reference and for $2.00 the Reference Librarian will do this?
Created by Cheryl Metz

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