Thursday, January 30, 2014

Terror Finance in Demons of Gadara

Terror Finance

Demons of Gadara[i]

A Fictional Thriller

By John A. Cassara

             At the Main Library at 1:00pm, on Monday, February 10th, John A. Cassara will talk about his novel Demons of Gadara.  The intent of this article is to preview the geography of and terror-finance terminology in this novel.  Most of us are aware of some of the tactics used in the United States’ “War on Terror,” but few of us probably understand how the “enemy” finances its side of the war.  Previously, Cassara published two technical books on the subject intended for law enforcement and intelligence entities and policy makers.  In Demons of Gadara the author puts the conflict in human terms in an effort to reach and inform a larger public audience on terror financing.  To trace terrorist activity, as in most criminal activity, the mantra is “follow the money or value trail.”  Succinctly, without money (and per terrorist episode, the amount may not be that great), there would be few terrorist acts.