Friday, October 28, 2011

More than BOOOOOKS!!

Halloween is just around the corner and we thought we would share a story about a ghost here at Massanutten Regional Library (MRL). This story was shared with us by Lisa Ha who is the tour guide for the Haunted Harrisonburg Walking Tours.

Seven or eight years ago after the library had closed for the day, a former employee was walking through the building. Everyone had left and he was alone. He entered the Law Library in the back of the old part of the library. There he saw a young man in his twenties looking at the shelves of law books. The gentleman seemed out of place, he was dressed in outdated clothing, including an argyle sweater and an old fashioned driving cap.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Art of Quilting

This October 20th, at 7 pm, the Massanutten Regional Library’s Deyerle series offers its third program. Judith Shuey, the Director of the Virginia Quilt Museum (VQM), will discuss Depression Era Quilting.

The VQM is a wonderful resource for those interested in quilt making and the history of quilts. For the curious visitor, the dazzling display of quilted colors and the showcase for the women who made them provide a satisfying experience. In keeping with the 150th Civil War anniversary observances, and as an alternative to a battlefield tour, the museum has a permanent exhibit dedicated to quilt making in the Civil War era.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Fall Ritual - Craft Shows

During the next few months, residents and tourists in the Shenandoah Valley will have many opportunities to attend craft fairs and bazaars. Before setting-out, a discussion of some of the terms relating to these shows might be helpful because sponsors often blur the distinctions by holding multi-functional events. A bazaar and a craft show both provide a market area or stall for selling various kinds of goods, however, the goods at a bazaar are more diversified than at a crafts fair and are usually used by an organization to raise money, e.g. jumble sale at the nearby church. Food is an essential feature at a bazaar; a craft fair focuses on the work of artists. The August/September 2011 issue of American Craft magazine celebrated seventy years of American handmade history that includes ceramics, fiber, glass, wood, metal, paper and individual influences on these crafts. Nationwide, October 7-16 is designated as American Craft Week